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One time payment, No contracts, no commitments.



This plan includes:

  • Unlimited Program adjustments 
  • Personal nutrition program, In app nutrition tracker!
  • Personal workout program, In app + video and subscription
  • Personal Supplement program (optional)
  • Available worldwide
  • In app text support (24 hrs)
  • Weekly Progress evaluation, In app transformation photo’s
  • Male and Female
  • Vegan option
  • Community, In app support community with the other participants.

Quick and easy! My programs are supereasy to use and follow with the help of my app. Setup will only take 5 minutes.

  • Sign up

To join my program and use the KAZ app, you can either get the 6 or 10 week program. The 6 week fatburn program is customized for you, but has 1 purpose; burning fat. The 10 week program is completely adjusted to your goals. There is a vegan and vegetarian option as well!

  • Form

In order for me to design your program I need a little information. After purchasing one of the 2 programs mentioned above you’ll get a link that’ll redirect you to a form. When you submit the form, I (Kaz) recieve your stats and start working on your nutrition/workout/supplement program.

  • Program

As soon as your programs are ready you will recieve an e-mail with an invitation to download the ‘kaz vander waard’ app.

You will also recieve your nutrition plan via e-mail.

  • KAZ App

The app has a community timeline similar to facebook, where everyone thats following the program shares experiences and progression.

Your workout program with video description is all included in the app.


There is also an option to ‘log meals’ if you click on this option, the KAZ app will redirect you to myfitnesspal. Myfitnesspal is a macro tracker which is synced with the KAZ app, so it automatically updates your daily intake.

  • Super easy

Once everything is filled out you’re good to go!